25% off winter essentials


Written by HoJoe on Monday, January 5 2015.

We understand that winter’s get tough for our customers in Kenora. This -40 weather today has us wishing that we were curled up by the fireplace in a blanket, reading a book and sipping tea. Because of this, we are offering our loyal customers a Winter Discount.

We’re offering 25% off of winter essential items. This includes teapots, books, and mug sets, & many more products that will help you get by this winter. We understand that on cold days like today it’s hard to make your way down to the cafe to check out the sale. So, we’ve added pictures & descriptions of these items on sale to our Pinterest page. Check out a list of our books that are 25% off here, and our mug sets & individual mugs that are 25% off here.

We’re also constantly posting on our Facebook, so make sure to visit us regularly for new posts! We also post sale items on Merchant Wars at 25% off. If you want to find out more about our Winter Discount or a specific product, swing by the cafe and ask a barista, or call us at (807) 468-6111.